ECS H61H2-M3 UEFI Bios Recovery

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    I had recently attempted to slic mod an ECS H61H2-M3. The .cap modded after a few tries (and with the help of user opt_step), but I found that afudos doesn't like a modded bios (18 error - unable to start a secure flash session).
    Problem is, I was playing around with afudos, and used the /RECOVERY option. Now the system constantly reboots, I'm assuming because it is looking either for an EFI file system or a .ROM file from any of the storage devices (I was using bootable USB flash). I can't find squat for emergency bios recovery short of having to use the SPI_DEBUG port to flash the board directly.
    The board only offers a .CAP file and I've been trying everything including creating an EFI file system with Intel automatic (IFlash32.efi with startup.nsh) to every combination of removing the Battery/CMOS jumper.
    Does anyone know what this ECS board is looking for to recover with the original .CAP file?

    I have an email into ECS to get the recovery steps (nothing in the manual), no reply yet since yesterday.

    Can anyone help me?
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    Open the *.CAP file using this & note down the recovery name. Then rename the *.CAP file accordingly.
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    That was the first name I tried (EBOOT.CAP). Is there a special key combo that is necessary? Is there a file that can be seperated out in the utility or mmtool that would give me another possibility?

    Lucky for me, the mobo was brand new out of the box and is RMA'ed and replaced/upgraded with a really nice gigabyte 77 (dual bios). that has successfully been modded before. I will never buy ECS again. I've had a tech support request in for the last few days, and no response, and there is 0 documentation on newer motherboard recovery. Not on their website, booklet, any documentation...I now know why i could buy this new board for 25$!
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    ECS= Extremely Cheap Skates