Editing K7VT6 ami bios

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by torobull, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Jan 20, 2012
    My purpose is to get my Asrock K7VT6 bios to recognise my new sata2 HDD.
    I have read several pages where are told this procedure to move some parts of bios from an another bios.

    MMTOOL does not work with my bios. I haven't found any other software to this job. Would someone please help me to find a proper program or perhaps to edit my bios? I have never done anything with any bios :)

    My mobo is Asrock K7VT6 and newest bios (ami) is k7vt6_160, with a controller via 8237 which could not recognise sata300.

    Unfortunately I could not post any links because this is my first message here. To get me more clear what I ment I put here following quote from discuss from Icequake.net:

    "I read some stuff on the Internet and I think that I have to use the MMTOOL v3.22 to replace the PCI Option ROM (DeviceID 3149) of the official 1.80 BIOS with a newer ROM, extracted from another BIOS. Personally, I used the VIA VT8237 option ROM from the GigaByte GA-VM800PMC, version 4.97 (237R497.rom)."

    I would much appreciate from any help to get this procedure going forward. I have spend hours already reading several pages about bios editing, nothing progress still ... :)