Enable Switchable Graphic In Bios

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    Hi to all dear members and moderaters. :)
    I have a dell inspiron 5520 with switchable graphic card (intel hd 4000 + amd ati 7670)
    but there is no option in bios to change the default graphic card
    I have opend my bios file , QCL00A13.fd , with PhoenixTool 2.14.
    ( I have downloaded latest dell bios file : Inspiron_5520_A13.exe )

    In structure section , there is options for Switchable Graphic .

    In the dump folder they are in .rom format and when you extract them , they saved in .mod format.
    How do i change them ?
    which program can handle it ?
    do this way help me to change the default graphic card to ati amd ?
    please help me.
    thanks in advance.