Enjoy your own voice in windows 7!!!

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    Jan 3, 2011
    There is a hidden fearure in windows operating system which allows you to enjoy your own voice.Intresting rite???
    A friend of mine who is a professional singer asked me if he can hear his own voice when he is recording in windows.I told him i will check some softwares since there is no such option
    in windows.One day accidently when i was diagnosting an error with audio driver,i found this winderful feature.

    Here are steps to enjoy your own voice:

    1)Right Click your volume icon in the system tray.

    2)Select Recording devices from the options.

    3)Choose your working Microphone and then select 'Properties'.

    4)Then click "listen" tab.

    5)click the check box "Listen to this device".

    6)Now click 'ok' and you are done.

    7)To stop click "Listen to this device" check box again and click "ok".

    If you want to record and hear your voice use "sound recorder" from windows start menu.

    NOTE : Use Headphones or External Mic for best results.