Errors in installing XP into Fujitsu Lifebook LH532

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    Jul 25, 2012
    :rolleyes:Hello.. Everyone,
    i am trying to install XP SP3 into fujitsu lifebook lh532. i used a XP CD with sata drivers which i have used on other type
    of laptops.
    when i tried to install it with AHCI Enabled, it gave me the general error-the BSOD for lack of SATA drivers..
    when i tried to install it with AHCI Disabled, it gave me ACPI incompatible error..
    so i installed the XP with Standard HAL (pressing F7 when prompted for F6) and it was OK.. but when i installed the VGA
    Driver which i downloaded from the Fujitsu Site and restarted the machine, there was no display on the LCD, but i can get it to a Monitor through VGA Port. i can load to desktop through safe mode. also after the LAN driver was installed, i found it that i can't event ping a neighbour even after i set it up with a static IP. How do I properly install the OS (XP) and drivers ?.. Highly Appreciates the Help..
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    Jul 25, 2012
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    Thank You Very Much for your help, i also tried it with nlite by integrating the latest chipset drivers from the fujitsu site (intel 7 series) into my XP. but when
    the machine restarted after the xp installation it gives a BSOD and quickly disappeared.
    however i got it resolved from the guys i bought it. they performed a BIOS update which upgraded the BIOS from 1.08V to 1.10V. then disabled the AHCI and installed the XP without giving any errors. the VGA and LAN driver issue didn't come up this time.

    Thanks Again
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