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    Thanks to god and you guys ^^its working again:D...anyway long story short I want to install windows 8.1
    I found MSR and ESP partitions ....what if I deleted ESP partition what would happen? I heard that it deletes bios can I remove my bios to remove super advisor password by deleting it and then Reflash it with bios update from Acer website ?
    by the way its acer w3 810 tablet
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    Feb 20, 2012
    The EFI System Partition is home to the core OS boot components for an EFI based system and is stored on a GPT formatted disk. For example, it stores the BCD (Boot Configuration Data Store) which lists the Windows OS installations that can be loaded on that system and Windows Boot Manager (bootmgr.efi) which actually reads the BCD and starts the Windows OS loading/boot process.

    In most cases, this is not something you would remove. If you are doing a clean install of Windows 8.1, then it doesn't really matter since Windows Setup will recreate it if its missing.

    As far as it storing stuff related to the BIOS goes, that is not true at all. The UEFI/BIOS on your device does need the ESP in order to find and load Windows though. So again, don't delete it when you have a functioning OS.
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    The only extra partitions you can delete are the recovery partitions, and I'd recommend against it.
    You will break the winre system fixing feature or remove your system image.
    If you're really strapped for space, you might consider getting a usb drive or something.
    Tablets aren't really designed to store a lot of big bloaty programs or games.
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    :tea:Thank you very much for the info I will be careful next time ...