Excel Formula Question ... IF/THEN/ELSE....exception?

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    Jun 7, 2016
    If I present a statement, such that:

    If value in cell A4 is greater than or equal to zero, leave it alone; if not, place a zero in the cell.

    Now, the formula:


    This satisfies my statement I want performed on the cell. However, the "A4" value is dependent on the sum of 2 different cells such that:


    This works as well. Now I want to add an exception that states if the value of C4 is below zero (as in, NEGATIVE), to completely ignore the initial formula and zero out A4.

    This is for a home-grown checkbook spreadsheet I have been creating. It allows for my debits/credits to be input into the appropriate cells, whereby updating my total in my available funds. It is also set to sort of "buffer" finances so that if I spend $1.08 on something, one section will indicate that I debited (or spent) $2.00, therefore "buffering" $.92. So it becomes 3 sections of totals: ACTUAL AMOUNT, ESTIMATED AMOUNT & BUFFERED AMOUNT. I am trying to make it so that when I end up spending my "buffer", that it zero's out instead of continuing to be negative amount. It allows me to focus on the ESTIMATED amount so I can train myself not to overspend money I don't have. So, if after a few weeks, after focusing on the ESTIMATED totals and in my "buffered" total I end up with $10, I can get gas or food I may need or want without worrying that my account will go negative.

    I hope that makes sense.

    TIA for any help. And if I placed in wrong thread, please move appropriately.