Excluding partitions other than windows in Restore Point

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    Hi everyone, i have a dual boot in my system(win7 & win8.1) and there wasnt any problem in creating restore point
    in each window, its was working perfectly Untill i reinstall window 7 on the same partition by formatting it.
    After that System Protection was disable in both the windows and to enable i did the following

    1) In regedit, navigate to the location below.
    2) In the left pane, right click on MountedDevices and click on New and Key.
    3) Type Offline and press Enter.
    4) In the right pane of Offline, right click on a empty area and click on New and DWORD Value.
    5) Type \DosDevices\z: and press Enter.(window 8.1 is in the z: partition in window 7 )
    6) In the right pane, right click on \DosDevices\z: and click on Modify.
    7) Type 1, and click on OK.
    8) Reboot window 7 to apply the changes.
    Finally it works and system protection is enabled in both the windows

    BUT along with windows Partition i.e. C: another partition D: is also included in Restore Point in both the windows
    and i don't know how to exclude it, i googled everywhere for this problem and i didn't find any help.
    i dont know how to solve this problem.
    Any help would be appreciate :worthy: