exteme loader 2.0.0.

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    Sep 10, 2013
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    First I'm glad there is still a forum whre I can ask questions about the loader.I have been using this version on windows 7 ultimate for about 3 years having found out about it originally on a general windows forum.
    Recently my new antivitus GDATA 2014 decided it was a threat and before I could stopit, did something.I can't find a log but extreme loader now appears on my list of boot options.Of course it doesn't work asking for "Xeldy" which is missing.
    I have contacted the antivirus company to ask if I can recover data because I didn't think a forum would help.
    I also checked and my pC will accept windows 8 so I have ordered a copy for e-bay.I can't understand how the official version from Microsoft retails fo $289 but on e-bay for suposedly lgit copies start at $50+.
    So, back to extreme loader.Can I download another version or the same again?
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    Download Microsoft Toolkit to activate windows 7 or 8.
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    Sep 10, 2013
    Many thanks for your help.I couldn't get the URL from the list of download options because they all tried to make me take a 3rd party "safe" download like Softonic.I finally found it on Kickass torrents and used magnet download on Bitcomet.Worked perfectly.And windows passes the validation check.
    I also used BCD EDIT to remove all 3 extra old windows on the boot sequence.
    Many thanks