Family Pack deal coming to Windows 7 Home Premium !

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by PrEzi, Jul 2, 2009.

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    The pre-ordering deal for Windows 7 has been going on for a little while now, but there was still a few whispers flying around that there would be a family pack type deal coming for the upcoming operating system. This is all but confirmed now, as Ars Technica have discovered some fine print in the latest build that reveals some details about such an offer.

    In the Home Premium version of Windows 7, the Microsoft Software License Terms contain additional information about said deal, and how it would cover up to three computers in any one household. It states, "b. Family Pack. If you are a "Qualified Family Pack User," you may install one copy of the software marked as "Family Pack" on three computers in your household for use by people who reside there. Those computers are the "licensed computers" and are subject to these license terms. If you do not know whether you are a Qualified Family Pack User, visit or contact the Microsoft affiliate serving your country." This text is not found on any of the other versions, but it could potentially be added at a later date, of course, although it's doubtful.

    Obviously, there has been no pricing revealed for this at all, but ZDNet is under the impression that it will set a family back about $189. Additionally, Ars Technica mentions that as this is found in the license terms, it's implied that it won't just be a limited time offer; you may remember that Microsoft offered a deal like this for Windows Vista Home Premium, but it only lasted from January 30, 2007 'til June 30, 2007. Ars also went ahead and asked Microsoft, but a spokesperson said that they had nothing to share right now, and that, "We continue to work with partners and expect other great deals in the future."

    Source : neowin

    How about that ? I'm sure that it will actually be cheaper than 189$ since one Home premium upgrade costs (with a coupon) around 40-50$ so 3x50=150$. A price around 120-130$ would be a great deal for people that own more than 2 PCs and use them for non-professional tasks.

    However I would wish there would be a deal like : Win7 Ult/Pro + 2xHome premium pack (Ultimate/Pro to maintain a network, remote desktops, domain etc.).
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    yeah I guess they consider Ultimate a premium sku for home users.