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    Sorry if this is wrong forum, but I have never used any Apple Devices before. So far I hate the lack of a proper file explorer. I am trying to help someone else who has an IPHONE and IPAD

    I have successfully copied JPG, MOV and MP4 files from her IPHONE to my PC using FONETRANS. They are all movies she filmed herself on her IPHONE. There are no purchased or copyright files whatsoever. Her Apple cloud storage is full and I want to remove all these files from Cloud storage.

    I want to put the files on her IPAD only. There is a lot of space free on the local 128 gig storage. I want to play the files on her IPAD offline without using any Cloud stage. I have also copied the photos, and they magically appear in her Gallery. I cannot find the movies.

    Would some kind person answer and tell me:

    Can I play these movies on her IPAD without having them on the Apple Cloud as well?

    What App do I use on the IPAD and how to I find them on the IPAD?. Cannot seem to make any Apps find the files. Pretty sure the movie files are there, but did FONETRANS put them in the wrong place? They total 6 gig, and is a question of being online long enough for them to appear?

    This is a 30 second Job on Windows 10, especially if using EVERYTHING free Search program from VOIDTOOLS. I presume everyone on this forum is using EVERYTHING as it is much better than Windows Explorer or File Manager. All files work perfectly on my PC.

    Many thanks

    Update - found answer on Web - had to turn off Cloud. Seems so illogical to a Windows 10 user.