First SLP Bios Attempt

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    Jul 19, 2008
    SLP Bios Mod Only-Is This Right?

    Is it really this simple? Please let me know because this is my first attempt and I didn't want to trash my motherboard.
    I copied Modbin(version:6_2.04.01, dated 2/14/2007) and the bios file I am currently using(0804.bin, dated 9/21/2007) into a new folder with nothing but those 2 files in it.I then opened a command prompt window, opened my bios file with Modbin.I cursored down to "Change BIOS Message" and hit "Enter". I changed BIOS Message from "Asus Crosshair ACPI Bios Revision 0804" to "ASUS_FLASH ACPI BIOS Revision 0804".I intentionally left extra spaces after ASUS_FLASH to keep the total number of characters identical to the original BIOS Message.From what I have read this last step wasn't required, better safe. Next I cursored up to "File", hit "Enter", cursored to "Save File", saved the now modded bios under another name and exited Modbin. I deleted all of the files in this directory except Modbin and my modded bios file. I went back and opened my modded bios file with Modbin to check it and the new Bios Message looked fine.

    Have I correctly modded my bios? After I flash bios with modded bios will SLP be enabled?

    Thank You for anyone willing to advise me.
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