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    Does any body know why my fan is not working i have no idea what happened. Every time i turn it on it turns on then off and i am thinking that its not working correctly but iam not to sure i took off the clamps before maybe have a sensitive trig to the fan i dont know the clamps are not really stuck on there so yea i need to get a new heat sink to fix the red ring so do you think it would be that to trigger to stop working after a while i have no idea just trying to fix my xbox
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    Do it again, switch it on and see if you get 2 red lights before it shuts down.
    99% it's overheating, the fans get very loud in 3 seconds and shuts down, you get a 2 red lights blinking on the left side of the ring.

    If it's like that, then its not your fan, its the heat sink of the CPU. Don't mess with those if you're not sure what you're doing. If thats whats happening, remove the heatsink again, clean it well, clean also the underneat of the heatsink and if necessary use a fine sand paper to take off all the dirt and stickyness from the heatsink.

    Also, if you said your x-clamps are not perfectly in place then its sure to be an overheating problem, the heatsinks are not making full contact with the gpu/cpu and for precautions it switches off everytime. The x-clamps themselves tend to be defective, they don't do the job 100%, infact they are part of the reason for an xbox to have the 3 red lights. But if you messed with them and not put them back in place correctly then it will not work.
    Put new paste, and put it back in place.
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    My suggestion would be to mod your Xbox and copy JSRF to the hard disk, then PM me a list of files that failed to copy and a picture of the disk and Ill send you whats missing. I have a perfect copy of it, so yeah.