Fresh W8 install having ghost clicking problems unable to disable

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by blake331, May 26, 2013.

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    May 26, 2013
    I have a dell XPS17 (L702x) when i bought the computer last year it had windows 7 with the N-Trig software to run the touchscreen. Dell replaced the screen several times because they are crap but now that i am not longer under warranty i would just have to replace the screen. I just kept that option turned off but since I just did a full reformat of the HDD and loaded windows 8 i no longer have the option to turn off the touch screen. N-trig in all of there wonders are still in beta for a W8 driver since last year and well it doesnt work unless you have the bundle that went along with w7. So my question here is there a way i can turn off the touch screen in the set up? or does anyone know what i can do besides A) Replacing the screen or B) Waiting for N-trig to drop a new driver.

    I also tried to DL the w7 n-trig driver install that then do the w8 upgrade but that does not work. This is what is on the PDF from n-trig

    Before updating to Windows8, make sure you have latest bundle installed on your Windows7 machine. To do so, please check the latest available bundle on N-trig website for Windows7 and compare with the current bundle you have installed on your Windows7 computer
    This step is mandatory and comes to ensure you are running latest firmware. Currently, there is no way to update the firmware within windows 8.