Freshly Jailbroken on iOS 7.1.1. now what?

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by ThatKitten, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. ThatKitten

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    Jan 8, 2014
    Hi all! I have used PanGu to jailbreka my iPod touch on 7.1.1.

    now I have jailbroken, I'm wondering: what now?
    do you have any tweaks or apps you recommend?

    And if you're wondering: I did uncheck the checkbox that installs that useless 25PP crap ;)
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  2. jellybelly

    jellybelly MDL Member

    Oct 30, 2009
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    depends what you want to do...... cydia is loaded with stuff..

    side note.. im staying on 7.0.6 for a while longer..... not trusting some brand new random chinese stuff on my devices

    these are tweaks that i've installed that i found for my own personal preference.. maybe they will give you some ideas

    first things first, some things you should install----- afc2add and appsync for ios 7, these 2 things let you do a lot of the other stuff you might want to do at some point, installing apps and such

    AlarmControl -- lets me quickly toggle all my alarms on or off with the push of one button -- instead of each alarm one at a time.

    CallBar -- pops up a bar to answer/reject a call rather than taking over the whole screen.. this was useful to me while i was playing games, getting a call would not interupt my game .... doesnt apply to your ipod

    CleverPin -- dont need to enter your lock code while you're at home on your wifi, or any wifi networks you set up

    DateCarrier -- replaces the name of your carrier (verizon, at&t, etc) in the top left corner of the phone with the Date instead.. on the iPod it adds the date also. Dont need to know what my carrier is on the screen.. i pay the damn bill!

    Fancy -- colorize the menus and control center and stuff like that....

    FolderCloser -- when you open an app/game from within a home screen folder, that folder is automatically closed so when you go back to the home screen you dont go back to the open folder

    iCleaner Pro -- kind of like CCleaner on the computer.. not sure how useful it is but whatever

    iFile -- file system access, installing deb files, etc.. kind of a Windows Explorer and Command Prompt built in together...

    iKeywi - adds a 5th row to the keyboard in a lot of places so, for example, in text messages if you want to type some numbers you dont have to switch to the numbers keyboard and then back to text... the numbers are right there

    iTunes Radio Hack - unlimited skips and no ads

    iTunes Radio Unlimited - unlimited skips and no ads (got them both, not sure why)

    MultiIconMover+ -- select all home screen icons you want to move and then move them all at once, instead of trying to move each icon one at a time

    NoCyAds - removes cydia ads

    Pandora Downloader -- download mp3s while listening to pandora

    Powerapp -- reboot/shutdown/respring quickly

    PowerBanners -- changes low battery message to a small banner at the top of the screen

    ShowCase -- keyboard shows current case

    SMS Stats 2 -- just keeps a count of how many text messages are sent/received.. hehe

    Software Update Killer -- stops the display of new ios updates (when you want to ignore that there is an ios update available)

    SpotiuM -- hacks or whatever for Spotify

    SwitchSpring - respring from app switcher , think this one also closes apps if wanted

    WeeCloseApps for notification center -- close all running apps

    thats what i got on my iphone right now.. some game hacks too....... my ipod has most of the same stuff, not sure if anything else...

    but you get the idea.. you can do tweaks, themes, all kinds of stuff.. depends what you want

    i forgot to mention that now you can also install cracked apps and games, if you choose to. thats' where appsync/afcadd come into play..... iFunBox is good to have laying around for stuff like that
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  3. Yazz

    Yazz MDL Novice

    Sep 21, 2013
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    Attached are two text files;
    My personal lists, for Cydia Apps;
    The simple followed by a wide break and the detailed export list;
    For on my iPhone and my iPad mini 2 in the second list.

    The simple/not-detailed lists are the first 179 lines of of 2,150 in text 1;
    Similarly The simple list is first 372 lines of 1303 for Text 2.
    Only Cydia Apps were selected, none from the Apple-Store (pirated or not).

    <Warning about the popular Springtomize>
    All the tweaks available in one package could be drooled over, but be weary of Springtomize, I regretted buying version 1 + 2 - they cause frequent crashes, freezes, and consume a lot of resources. Now I have 3 when one or two shouldn't have made it passed quality control. Yet I figured my iPad Mini 2 w/Retina + LTE might handle it. I gave the latest a try without paying first. It's a little less feature full and less user-friendly then previous editions, and my only two crashes on the iPad have been since installing it so - so far inconclusive. The latest hardware w/the 64bit CPU I'm not sure about yet, Springtomize also makes new editions you pay for each time apple updates the first number of the iOS. Every previous version has been constant trouble. say this using it on everything from a iPhone 3 to 4S, an iPad2, and an iPad Mini w/Retina, several of them replaced under warranty and still troubled when I put Springtomize back on (tested by only installing Springtomize and base Cydia recommended updates)
    </Warning about the popular Springtomize>

    Other then that you could make something on your phone stop working, but there's usually ton's of App's Saurik won't let you install because it hasn't had enough testing - meanwhile they work fine, granted some do nothing or stop a function but any decent program (the majority) have a good install/remove process and uninstalling fixes the problem. I often find myself using Apps I've paid for and having to install them off one of those warning repo's (Repo's with Pirated software the default repository's charge for, usually without a trial first).

    I haven't had much time myself to play with the latest 7.x iOS's, but I'm so glad for PanGu, whatever method used by the previous two JB'd firmware methods slowed my older iPhone 4S down a lot, and nearly shortened the battery to half its idle life on a fresh install. Granted the batters max capacity is almost down to 2/3rds of when it was new; this jailbreak is a lot cleaner and simpler. Most issue-free JB out of the majority.

    On a personal note,
    1: I do like the save recordings your calls App - but it only works on speakerphone, and there's not a modified version for that App so far under this iOS which removes the recording announcement to the other party (yet) (without it giving you a guilty "you haven't paid for this software, stop trying to steal it" error). Technically illegal lots of places, but the caste phone adapters are cheap, easy to find and personally I'd only ever admit to have a recording if it was going to be legal proof of innocence for a more serious offense. Otherwise I'd love to hide my ADD a little more by doing a replay instead of asking what did you just say several times - about the same thing.

    2: I want to re-find that Cydia app which looks up incoming phone numbers and gives pretty good results for the name of the person or company that is calling when they're not in your contact list. Hope if it's not compatible it will be soon; it's the way Caller ID was meant to be, and.. didn't they start out like that anyway?

    Thank you jellybelly for the App suggestions.


    I think this might be my first post on this forum. Wasup?
    I don't mind being pointed out if I overlook a rule. Be nice and point it out before I discover the wrath of a monitor... =)

    - Yazz

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  4. jellybelly

    jellybelly MDL Member

    Oct 30, 2009
    Yazz, check out the app Audio Recorder for your call recording needs.. it works without speaker phone, you can optionally enable/disable the other party notification message/beeping, and it's a local call recorder as opposed to re-routing it through another call center to record the call (like some of the apps do).

    I've got it installed from the BiteYourApple repo.
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