From Product key to Comonent List

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    Aug 22, 2012
    is here someone who knows of a tool for commadline use where i can pass a Offoce Product key and get the list of Component that are provided with this key for ex:

    key2list xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
    Outlook Word Excel Powerpoint

    so a way to get out of the key "this key is valid vor this list of components"

    i am searching a way to automatically modify the config.xml with the list of supported components and only list them in the config.xml now all the parts gets installed and also these parts the key is not validt
    this part will then be scripted to automatically modfiy the config.xml and only list the supported parts but fitst i need to get a list so the request fore a tool to do get a list

    becauser slowly i get tirted of the users that just have the rights for the Busines edition and wants to have Acccess to Access and so on.

    yes i know ther is always the way to maitnain 2+ diffent config files but this would be a more general way