Front Audio Panel Issues

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    Hi I have been trying to get this front audio panel on my parents PC to work but I cant seem to figure out the correct configuration I have looked all around Google search.

    from the mother board manual pins are labeled 1 Port1L
    2 GND = Black ground wire obsious
    3 Port1R
    4 Presense#
    5 Port2R
    6 Sense1_Return
    7 Sense_Send
    8 Key = No pin
    9 Port2L
    10 Sense2_Return

    My Problem is their stupid crappy case has wires labeled GND - Black
    Spkout - Red
    ReturnL - Yellow
    ReturnL - White
    ReturnR - Blue
    MC BIAS - Orange
    MC IN - Green
    I have looked all around and switched the pins in many configurations I cant get the front panel sound working
    Mother board is a [PC chips P43G (1.0)] yes its an other board their previous one burnt out and this was the cheapest option for them. any help is appreciated.
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    The partial (add the usual h t t p : / / w w w.) link should get you to a form where you submit your email address and they send you a link to download the User's Manual. IMHO, this is poor customer support. User Handbooks/Manuals should be easily available.

    Unfortunately, it appears the audio capabilities of the motherboard far exceed that of the case and I can't quite figure out if it can be made to work. I know you prefer not to spend any money on a fix, but in the end, you may have to buy a PCI audio card. Pretty sure $10 would do it, assuming your folks aren't insisting on 6.1 Dolby Sound Surround with a sub-base woofer.

    From the pin outs provided, I think the motherboard has front and rear stereo speaker outputs. If you just want the PC speaker working, get it's red wire connected to Port1L/Port1R/Port2L or Port2R (your choice, any should work). You might have to select in Windows Control Panel audio section which line you are using. Good luck.