Gateway MD2614u, Good Intentions/Road to Hell, Helping a disable Viet Vet

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    Mod at receiver sites; expect folks to read and try to self-help & then I'm more than glad to help after they've tried a bit. I don't do "spoon feeding" folks well who just want someone to do it so they can go receiver away w/o any work on their part learning nada and requiring spoon feeding when next problem crops.

    Rather good with XP software caring for a dozen family/friends via Teaviewer in eastern 1/2 of US for a decade with installs, malware, boot issues, etc. Was helped last week here getting one of my very old units BIOS modded instantly to be able to use my Win 7 legit key when hard drive died; up and running happily and quickly w/ your help after I read and downloaded tools, etc. (Had 1.38 gigs of tools, Guides, Data, etc plus 8-12/day reading for 5 days now.

    Viet vet has onset dementia (slightly) and mostly plays games to occupy his days. His HD w/ hidden partition/restore died this week and I figured it'd be a no brainer to get him going having Digital River's DVD, used ei.cfg utility to make it an any verson install, found his 9A06W.exe BIOS has multi-upgrades including some for Win 7 which I concluded would have SLIC 2.1 in them just needing tweaking as 9A06 is SLIC 2.0.

    Installed Dig Riv universal DVD (no key, no check box during install), 7 Pro, and performed multiple NO PROBLEMS BIOS upgrades in Windows from 9A06w to 9A10x to 9A24 to 9A30B--all without incidence as Gateway directed.

    Created modded 9A30B with Phoenix/Dell/EFI SLIC Mod v2.5.6; SLIC from SLIC Toolkit v3.2, put Acer xms-rw in C:\root and did a RW Everything when done. No activation still.

    Start over--go simple w/ the 1 years old digitallife MODDED 9A06 old BIOS w/ all parts in rar file. Followed directions, installed w/o problems and still no activation.

    Read about errors in R-W Everything and one Googled as saying basically, you have OEM system while using Retail software and won't activate... couple other errors included 3 or 4 mis-matched files which caused a sfc /scannow to try repairing to original.

    Still no activation.

    2 choices:
    A. How to get 9A06 installed/activated?
    B. Preference is to mod, install and activate 9A30b being lastest, greatest bios for this machine--much newer than 9A06

    slmgr.vbs -ato gives "Error: Product Activation failed"

    May I get some helP?

    Reading many hours daily educating myself and discovering how I understand last week I know XP software--but no programming--and in awe at the talent and encyclopedic knowledge here blows me out of the water--I'm infintile in my knowledge of what to do other than I wanted the more permanent BIOS mod than activators seeing as the Viet Vet isn't close by--so need something permanent for him

    And, I preferred the later BIOS-A930x.exe.

    -Manufacturer: Gateway/Acer
    -Motherboard Model: Gateway MD2614u
    -Bios revision: A906
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS
    -Bios Download Link:
    Then go thru several boxes:
    MD 26 NOTEBOOK: Drivers, Documents, BIOS, Patch, Application, OS tabs across top

    OS = WIN 7 Pro

    Thank you for looking at this issue; I'm trying to learn how to do this myself!

    -RW Everything Report (9A06 modded version from my install) now gives ERROR MESSAGE on ACPI icon:

    "Access violation at address 0064A19C in module 'Rw.exe'. Read of address 00000000"

    Believe this to be a valid RW of 9A06 Modded BIOS before error started.


    MediaFire Link to whole RW-Everything file due to Access Error giving no ACPItables data only.

    [FONT=&amp] LINK:[/FONT]
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    Use older rweverything.
    Slmgr.vbs -rearm to make it trial version. Then run warfix then reactivate

    usually u dont need rw for most desktops.
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    Thank you so very much for your advice. Latin!

    Not far from you--8 s. of Dade Ci.

    Gateway GREAT machine was hoping to permanently mod BIOS saving me time and trips to fix his screwups what with Gateway/Acer having active BIOS up to 9A30x.exe (had 9A06, but at 9A30b for Win 7 only now trying to get it working for him and learn how to do these activities) which tools show has 2.1 with 30x flashed.

    BIOS fix reason--distance to fix computer for this great guy sprayed by Agent Orange in Nam, to my noobie knowledge & reading suggests BIOS update to be a longer-lasting, stable fix.

    But, if you think Daz or similar way to go, will trust your knowledge and experience.

    Let you mull added facts; may as for 9A30x.exe BIOS update for backup, too.

    Thanks for reply! Love the area; hate the uninsured drivers!

    Best regards,

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    Ahh yes just north.. Some gateways have intel bios.. Yours likely not.
    DVD u used likely has removewat. Bad stuff.
    Try OEM DVD next time with slic 2.1 in bios the daz loader does not install the loader
    just the cert and key so it is a long time fix.

    when u flash try dos usb has more chance of failing.

    lol i crashed into some lady back in 95 on waters and habana... her fault and she had no insurance!