Gears of war 4 windows 10 back up?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by peck1234, Oct 13, 2016.

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    I usually reformat my computer every two years just to keep the OS clean and fresh . On steam I simply re-download the app then reassociate the folder and all my games are there. I recently purchased gears of war on windows 10 and was wondering how to re-associate my games after reformatting windows with out having to re-download?

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    You have to re-download the whole lot, even if it's installed on a non-OS drive.

    You have also to be on Build and not on a preview-build, because GoW4 refuses to work on them.

    I'm on Build 14393.321 at the moment and GoW4, F3:H and F6:A are working on it.

    I wasted pretty much 2 weeks and around 750GB of data only for that games to get it down, installed and running.

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    9. In the Powershell window type the following (hint: rename the install package to something short beforehand) Then just wait for the install to finish (If you want to install somewhere other than C: drive, go to Settings -> System -> Storage and change the install drive under 'New apps will save to:')

    add-appxpackage Halo5Forge.EAppx
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    Do you mean 7.5GB? I can't imagine 750GB data being expended to download a game. That size would possibly be more than my yearly data use.