General questions about BIOS and SLIC tab during bios updates

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    Since some months i'm trying to ustand how these BIOSes with SLIC tables inside work but there are some not clear points for me...
    It's obvious computers sold w genuine win licenses have slic embedded in their bioses.
    It's obvious computers sold wout any win license come wout any slic table inside bios.
    I also supposed new bios upgrades u can download for the manufacturer site are wout slic table! (sure if not any freedos pc could get win licensed ready! ;))
    So why when i update my licensed pc i still have slic after update?
    When flashing with /all option usually all bios areas r flashed.
    So, i supposed the flash utility checks if slics are present or not be4 to flash. If they are present it leaves them and flash all the other areas. But i'm not sure abt that...
    And i explain why.
    I had 2 computers exactly the same (extensa 470): one sold w lic and one no. First has slic and the second hasn't.
    Using afudos i dumped the bios to a file from the first one and then i flashed the file to the bios of the second one.
    The second one got slic embedded exactly like the first one ;)
    I tried to do the same w two TM5742 laptops w Insyde H2O bios using FLAs**t utility but w not success :(
    What happened?
    I cannot have doubts abt the flashing procedure (maybe flas**t could flash just non slic area) cause flashing w a modded bios found in internet it could work.
    Maybe the dump procedure could not dump slic area?
    Ok it would be possible... but at this point i have a question...
    We suppose i have a pc w slic embedded in bios. Due to a wrong bios update my pc is bricked. Ok. But i was not stupid and i saved my old bios to a file be4 to update. Using the recovery procedure i'm able to restore my previous BIOS. In this case, still will i have slic or not?
    I don't know how to say but it's not clear for me how SLIC r left or replaced during bios update procedures and why stime dumps bios to files bring slics w them and stime no.
    Lot of people try to inject slic inside the bios w the risk to brick the pc.
    It wouldn't be easy to dump from slic bios pc and flash on a free one?
    Why this stimes works and stimes not?
    And again: why upgrading bios of a previous slic bios modded pc i lose slic while when i upgrade bios of a genuine slic embedded pc i still have them?
    I'm confused... :confused:
    Can anybody explain me?
    Thanks a lot in advance.