GigaBytes GA-8ld855 Award Bios

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    GigaBytes GA-8ld833 Award Bios

    I am currently running version F2.. I want to upgrade to version F4... Now the reason i am upgrading is because i want to be able to boot to a secondary raid controller (vt6421a)

    Now i have tried to intergrate the module in the bios but i am getting not enough space.

    here is cbrom /d for my firmware:

    C:\Users\subv\Downloads>CBROM196.EXE 8ld533.f4 /d
    CBROM196.EXE V1.96 [01/30/08] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2007
                  ********    8ld533.f4 BIOS component ********
     No. Item-Name         Original-Size   Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
      0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)  12877h(74.12K)  8ld533.BIN
      1. XGROUP CODE       09B90h(38.89K)   06FD5h(27.96K)  awardext.rom
      2. CPU micro code    04000h(16.00K)   03FA2h(15.91K)  CPUCODE.BIN
      3. ACPI table        03B64h(14.85K)   01705h(5.75K)   ACPITBL.BIN
      4. EPA LOGO          0168Ch(5.64K)    002AAh(0.67K)   AwardBmp.bmp
      5. YGROUP ROM        069B0h(26.42K)   044F4h(17.24K)  awardeyt.rom
      6. GROUP ROM[ 0]     056C0h(21.69K)   02328h(8.79K)   _EN_CODE.BIN
      7. VGA ROM[1]        0C000h(48.00K)   06CB3h(27.17K)  i845g.vga
      8. PCI ROM[A]        0A000h(40.00K)   05F99h(23.90K)  rtspxe_m.lom
      9. OEM0 CODE         01EE6h(7.72K)    0176Fh(5.86K)   SBF.BIN
      Total compress code space  = 35000h(212.00K)
      Total compressed code size = 33D74h(207.36K)
      Remain compress code space = 0128Ch(4.64K)
                              ** Micro Code Information **
    Update ID  CPUID  |  Update ID  CPUID  |  Update ID  CPUID  |  Update ID  CPUID
    PGA478 14   0F0A  |  PGA478 2C   0F12  |  PGA478 01   0F21  |  PGA478 08   0F23
    PGA478 1E   0F24  |  PGA478 05   0F13  |  PGA478 15   0F25  |  PGA478 37   0F27
    PGA478 17   0F29  |
    I want to know what can i get rid of that will allow 64k rom file to be intergrated.

    I have tried removeing the EPA logo and the PXE lan. Which wasn't enough.. Could i remove the intergrated video card or will the machine not boot? I did manage to release EPA, PXE, and VGA and was able to intergrate the module for sata in the bios. However... i fear bricking this old box.

    Please advise.