[Giveaway/Contest] USB Network Gate 3 Lifetime licenses (for 1 USB device) by Eltima Software

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  1. whizkidraj

    whizkidraj MDL Giveaway Organiser

    Apr 6, 2012
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    Eltima Software Homepage:- https://www.eltima.com

    About USB Network Gate:-
    USB Network Gate connects USB devices and computers and their users all over the world.
    One can connect to and use a remote device over Internet/LAN/WAN as if the device was plugged into the computer they are working at.





    With USB Network Gate it is possible to share a USB device among many computers, so that users from any spot on the globe can work with a shared printer, webcam, scanner, etc. This software solution provides you with an ultimate capability of sharing USB devices across different operating system types: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android.

    USB Network Gate Available versions:- Windows, Linux, Mac, Android.

    Download USB Network Gate: https://www.eltima.com/ung-post-download.html

    What USB Network Gate offers:

    Share various USB devices over network

    USB Network Gate is a versatile solution to the USB sharing task. This software lets you scan, print, fax from any computer in the office. In order to control the remote access to shared devices password protection can be added.

    Use USB devices in virtual environments & blade servers

    To be able to connect to USB device in a virtualization software or a blade server you'll just need to install USB Network Gate on both host operating system and a guest one and access your USB peripherals right away. VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Hyper-V are fully supported!

    Share and access USB over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

    Remote Desktop connection usually doesn't let you access and use USB devices connected to the computer you are working with. But if you have USB Network Gate you can work with USB devices through RDP session easily. And just as conveniently as when you work with them on the local machine.

    Share and access USB devices over Wi-Fi

    Anyone in the same WiFi network can access a USB device without transferring it from machine to machine, without changing the network configuration. No matter if that is a printer or a scanner or other USB device that everyone in the office has to use, it can be used on multiple computers just as if it was connected to each of them.

    Access USB over WiFi: https://www.eltima.com/usb-over-wifi/

    Per-session device isolation

    USB Network Gate lets you assign a USB device to a specific user in a multiple-user environment of terminal servers. This is really efficient as no other users can access the device at the time of this exclusive session. This feature is being developed and is currently in test mode for USB flash drives and USB cameras. USB Network supports Citrix ICA protocol that is not platform bound and sends user input feedback from client to a server.

    USB Network Gate Features & Performance Comparison:- https://www.eltima.com/usb-network-gate-competitive.html

    Access USB in virtual machine: https://www.eltima.com/usb-in-virtual-machine/

    Share USB dongle: https://www.eltima.com/share-usb-dongle-over-network.html

    USB Network Gate pricing:

    Free trial period: 14-day trial, You can share only 1 local USB-device
    Licenses: pricing starts from $159.95 per Single License (1 Shared USB Device)

    More about USB Network Gate pricing here:- https://www.eltima.com/purchase/usb-over-ethernet/


    USB Network Gate Facebook Page:- https://www.facebook.com/USBNetworkGate/

    About the giveaway:-

    I would like to thank my dear friend James Foster and everyone at Eltima Software for sponsoring this giveaway and the licenses for our forum members. :tankyou:

    Again, 3 x USB Network Gate Lifetime licenses (for 1 USB device) for the giveaway.:v:

    N.B. 2 Lifetime Licenses will support minor updates (e.g version 6.1, 6.2,....version 6.x only Lifetime) and 1 Lifetime License will support all major upgrades (e.g version 6, version 7, and so on forever).

    Giveaway rules:-

    As always, simple rules. But please comment something that should indicate that you want to enter this competition. Not just thanks or other one word comments.
    Lastly, post anything about this software (usage scenario, your experience) to show your appreciation and love for it.

    Giveaway ends on January 30th, 2018.

    Good luck all. :good3:
  2. enesalpa

    enesalpa MDL Junior Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    I have been using the trial version and it is excellent! It would be great to get the Lifetime version. Thanks.
  3. havilson

    havilson MDL Novice

    Nov 12, 2011
    I was looking for an app that could share my USB devices, never tried yours before. Hope it solves my problems. Thanks.
  4. liliactr

    liliactr MDL Member

    Sep 3, 2009
    I want to use my share my usb devices over network for access my files especially movies. Count me in.
  5. kubik67

    kubik67 MDL Member

    Feb 14, 2016
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I've never tried this product. Want to have this software to remotely connect USB devices to your computer through a network (Internet / LAN / WAN) and use the remote printer and a webcam.
  6. usermydigitallyfe

    usermydigitallyfe MDL Member

    Oct 30, 2016
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    Thanks for this giveaway.

    USB Network Gate is the perfect solution and ideal choice for me to need to share a USB device in the office. Rather than changing existing network configurations, I can simply share an USB printer, scanner or other device on a single PC and then it can be accessed wirelessly from other desktops or laptops in the office. This is a great feature because it means I can quickly and easily access USB devices from a remote virtual desktop.
    USB Network Gate is probably more suited to a business environment.

    Thanks to Eltima USB Network Gate I will never face any problems with USB devices because it allows me to access and manage any device plugged into remote computers. It does not matter where I am- at the office, at home or even in the foreign country; I will be always able to access and use, for example, printers or scanners.
    USB Network Gate proves to be a reliable assistant for sharing and accessing remote USB flash drives.
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  7. Rafatolla

    Rafatolla MDL Novice

    Sep 28, 2012
    Not heard of this but seems interesting to share usb hdd backup space on my home network. Interested to try this.
  8. daljeet singh

    daljeet singh MDL Novice

    Jun 27, 2017
    Pretty Decent software thanks to whizkidraj & Eltima Software
    I can share USB devices over the Internet with multiple computers along with virtual machines. No need to change or re-configuration existing settings. Sharing resources without worrying about operating system USB network gate gives special ability including sharing between Linux and Windows aswell. The connection is highly secured with encryption from bad guys.


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  9. sterchin

    sterchin MDL Member

    Mar 25, 2016
    Thanks for this giveaway.
    USB Network Gate provides a unique opportunity to share a USB device on a Windows PC or Mac OS and connect to it from a Linux-based device. Or vice versa!
  10. browneylad

    browneylad MDL Member

    Sep 26, 2017
    Thanks whizkidraj for this giveaway!
    USB Network Gate is a unique software that helps you share USB devices over network. This way you can provide access to a USB device plugged in your computer to other computers on your network, no matter how far they are located. Any USB device configured for your PC will run on any networked PC, including removable drives, scanners, printers, keyboards, and specialized devices like test instruments. You don't need to have a physical access to a device; no matter where device is USB Network Gate allows you an easy access to it. This is a software one of its kind that let you to access a multi-function machine, printer, scanner, USB dongle, etc anywhere in the network without any physical access. So I would love to use this very unique software.


  11. hakah

    hakah MDL Member

    Apr 4, 2014
    Thanks for the Giveaway!
    USB Network Gate is an application which facilitates server and client components for sharing and accessing USB devices over LAN, WAN and Internet. With this tool, any two or more machines can be easily linked together through the public IP address, host name (for LAN) and a preferred port. The setup
    operation is speedy and uncomplicated, and the only notable aspect is that you can install only the client or both the server and the client. USB Network Gate can be configured to connect to USB ports on remote computers in LAN, WAN or Internet and proves itself to be a reliable assistant for sharing and accessing
    remote USB flash drives.

  12. qaj1shi

    qaj1shi MDL Senior Member

    Apr 10, 2011
    this program looks good! I'd like to give it a try! :)
  13. hi hello

    hi hello MDL Novice

    Dec 8, 2015
    Good software to access usb from other systems, would love to win it.
    Thank You for organising this giveaway.
  14. dinosaur07

    dinosaur07 MDL Senior Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    Thanks a lot @whizkidraj again for bringing us such a wonderful software here at MDL. Thanks also to Eltima for supporting such a great giveaway. I appreciate it. I would really like to win a license for this software as i really have a need to share various usb plugged devices (printers f.i) in my private network at the office linking users from many countries to a central device. Count me in for this please. Best regards,
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  15. ultimo404

    ultimo404 MDL Member

    Oct 3, 2017
    Thank you Raj for bringing another great giveaway! :worthy:
    I have never used this program but it really looks interesting. Accessing USB devices from other devices can be really useful!
  16. Ankit Mhatre

    Ankit Mhatre MDL Novice

    Jan 15, 2018
    Thank you @whizkidraj. This software is one I have never seen before but I really like the idea. Thank you for this...Eltima software. Hope to win.
  17. grrgrr

    grrgrr MDL Member

    Oct 4, 2017
    Thanks @whizkidraj for the unique giveaway.

    I have first hand experience with USB Network Gate and can vouch that it works great. I have an old version which doesn't supports any upgrade, hence the need to win this giveaway. As the offering here includes Lifetime License with all major upgrades, I cannot let this opportunity go waste as this updated version provides many new features that I miss in the existing old version.

  18. Mohammadwasi7861

    Mohammadwasi7861 MDL Junior Member

    Feb 14, 2015
    This is very good solution for network admins and people like me, it has some very good feature like password to access the shared USB. Hope to win this :)
  19. dhruvenjoy

    dhruvenjoy MDL Member

    Nov 27, 2010
    Thanks for the giveaway!!! I like the following features in this innovative program- Requires no device driver on the server side to share a device and Auto-connection to new USB devices whenever you plug them in.
  20. angustaver

    angustaver MDL Member

    Sep 5, 2015
    I would like to try this product
    so i can share my files and movies in the domestic network
    Thank you