Guide: Microsoft Surface Pro 1 (i5 4gb 64gb hdd) windows 8.1 clean install

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    Having recently acquired a Surface Pro 1 i5 4gb ram and 64gb hdd as standard with windows 8 on it. I thought I would share the process of upgrading with a clean install to 8.1.

    Make sure you backup your windows product key. I did this with ATM found Here

    Your key can be found in the config file after you backup provided by
    Josh Cell thanks

    I used:


    You also need to Download the driver and firmware files from MS:

    Link provided by
    coleoptere2007 thanks

    Pro Drivers

    You need to select the "Surface Pro 1 - January" download and unzip it to a drive you wont be deleting

    Firstly you need to create a Boot-able USB with the windows 8.1 ISO instructions for this can be found here thanks to Tito

    Bootable USB pen drive

    Step 2.

    There is no need to disable safe boot !

    I did not want the recovery partition as with only a 64 GB HDD I wanted as much drive space as possible

    Insert USB and follow these instructions:

    Start from a boot-able USB device when Surface is off

    Step 1: Attach a boot-able USB device to the USB port.
    Step 2: Press and hold the volume-down button.
    Step 3: Press and release the power button.
    Step 4: When the Surface logo appears, release the volume-down button.
    Surface will start the software on your USB device.

    Delete all partitions and install.

    Windows will make 3 partitions 100mb, 350mb and the rest as main system drive C

    After install enter you windows product key to activate

    Open Devise Manager

    Device manager will indicate some unknown items

    Update the drivers from the 'Surface Pro 1 - January' you have already downloaded

    This is done by Right clicking on the required items in device manager and selecting update driver then choose from location and select the unzipped
    Surface Pro 1 - January

    Note!! at this point the clip on keyboard will only partly function with the mouse buttons not working correctly

    Even though device manager shows everything as being installed correctly it is not !!

    You now need to manually update the drivers from the
    Surface Pro 1 - January for :

    1. Bluetooth devises
    2. Display adapters
    3. Firmware
    4. Imaging devises
    5. Keyboard and mouse (the clip on keyboard must be connected to the surface pro to do this)
    6. Network adapters

    Everything should function properly now!

    Enjoy :)

    Let me know if there is anything I have missed.
    [FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Note! this guide can be used for the surface pro 2 as well just download the surface 2 drivers and firmware instead[/FONT]
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