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    -I Don't Take ANY Responsible For Any Damage Any Undesirable Events

    -It Should Work On Any Browser Even Fork Ones But Different Condition May Cause This Method Not Working Correctly I Can't Do Anything About This

    Before Start:
    -Accept Disclaimer Above
    -Understand What Is //Flags Commant On Specific Browser Such As Google Chrome

    -Understand WebRTC
    -Understand JavaScript
    -Understand Cookies (Third Party And First Party Cookies)

    How To Tweak Browser For Privacy?
    1. Open Your Browser (Example UC/Ungoogled Chromium) And Start Tweaking Experimental Feature And Other Setting
    Visit chrome://flags/
    Disable WebRTC
    Disable Experimental Javascript
    Open Browser Setting And Disable This:
    -Cookies (Included First Party Cookies)
    (Optional) You Can Use Extension For Better Privacy As Well :)
    -Https Everywhere
    -Privacy Badger
    -Clean URL
    -DuckDuckGo Privacy Essential
    5. Done :)

    -Save Data Or Internet Bandwith
    -No Annoying Tracker And Ads
    -Smoother Browser

    -Website Appearance May Be Ugly
    -Interactive Feature Won't Work Either
    -Can't bypass Short link Which Require Captcha
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