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    Jul 9, 2010
    Hello...& Namaste!

    I have a query about using Acronys/Symantec image utility to create harddisk to harddisk image.
    I have several critical computers on our network for which i am creating Hard disk -to- hard disk images. So, in event of some OS-issue/data loss/change of configuration causes non-functioning of the computer, i simply swipe the image harddisk and the computer is ready to use.

    I want to know, how do I backup RAID-1 system?
    I am backing up the system for configuration/OS/application data AND ALSO hard disk physical failure. So, even RAID-1 will help me to overcome the physical drive failure issue, it can help me in change of content scenario.
    So how do I backup?
    As both harddisk in RAID-1 are identical in size and content, do I make '1 hard disk' - to- '1 hard disk' image or '2hard disk' -to- '2 hard disk' image?
    And can I create image by connecting '1 member of RAID' and '1 blank hard disk' to a different computer?
    I dont intend to use incremental backup. Just one time system image.
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