Have valid key just no restore CD

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    Windows 7 and Vista are more forgiving, but in Windows XP, when a customers hard disk has crashed, they have a VALID license (COA) on the computer, what do you use to re-install XP for them? Often times calling the manufacturer they will say the restore dvd is no longer available. It's crazy to through out a computer (which won't run 7) but runs XP great.

    Any suggestions?
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    that key on the coa on the machine won't work for anything other than reinstall media on the same exact machine, and it's not unique in any case as it's a volume key that manufacturers use on all there same machines with the same edition. it's virtually worthless...

    read the stickies :p


    it's just an OEM disc that is needed which the thread above will explain how to do it, and it will work for any edition of XP (home, pro, mce 2005) and not just pro as the thread says. start there.

    then check out http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/26911-The-Windows-XP-Repository where you can find iso images of each edition.

    put the two together and you will have an oem (recovery) disc...
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