Have you tried NVIDIA Grid services?

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    Mar 26, 2015
    Hi all,
    I like motor-racing sports and actually I have fun in doing virtual races commentaries within a racing community, which we broadcast on our YouTube channel. This means that 2 or 3 people from there (including me) do the full event coverage, and usually one (the director) is responsible of capturing the game output, switching cameras and recording other voices and streaming them, while the other(s) just sit and watch from their own PC with their own game opened and commentate on that. We have two leagues, each one having a race every two weeks, so for each event we "rotate" in roles because we all both race in one of the leagues and commentate while not racing in our own league.
    Unfortunately, my PC is a bit aged to run current simulator flawlessy (we use rFactor 2), so I can barely commentate when necessary but I can't capture, record and stream at all with decent quality, neither the other two can (for PC performance and/or internet connection issues).

    Because I can't afford to buy a new PC at this moment, I was looking for solutions to circument the problem, for example searching ways to render the game remotely and stream it to other lower end PCs over internet (or even better, streaming straight into the YouTube channel, in case of insufficient bandwidth for those PCs).
    Apart from having a personal machine doing this kind of work housed somewhere in a server farm, with all its implications, I found a convenient alternative in systems using NVIDIA Grid technology[1], but I wonder if it's a really good choice for doing what we need to do without much hassle. Amazon seems to offer all the "ingredients" needed for such job (physical machine and software optimized images), but I would like to have some opinions before going further in it.
    So, going to topic point, have you tried NVIDIA Grid web services? How good are performances? Do you think in general all this I mean it's feasible?

    Thanks for your answers and recommendations.

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