[HELP] ACER H67 motherboard without MEI (But have Intel ME FW

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    First of all, forgive my poor English:eek:

    I have a ACER H67 (M3970/M3970G) motherboard (Compatible with 22nmCPU),I install a G1620 CPU and it works fine
    I can see the Intel ME FW by Intel FITC
    but It is strange. I can't see Intel MEI(management engine interface device) in windows7 Device Manager
    Note:I am very clear how to install MEI driver if have MEI device(windows update can do this or I can do it Manually)
    In DOS I use MEINFO.exe,it report:
    Error 9256: Communication error between host application and Intel(R) ME FW
    Error 9255: Internal error
    SO I'am sure the MEI is missing for some Reason or some problem in BIOS(BIOS no option for ME or MEI)
    I ask ACER CS about this,being told M3970 no such Function:mad:

    I have flashed ME Region(Dump from SPI with Intel FPT) to start it, make no difference
    I have flashed whole flash (includ DESC,ME,BIOS...etc)with Intel FPT,make no difference
    I am confused,how can I enable the Intel MEI(management engine interface) in this motherboard
    Could anybody help me?
    BTW:the ACER H67 motherboard have a Flash_override jumper, if shot 1-2 Intel FPT can't read flash,shot jumper 2-3 FPT can read/write flash.but shot 1-2 or 2-3 can't enable MEI neither.

    If necessary i can upload my whole flash dump by fpt,it can be open by intel FITC

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