Help an over-concerned father to supervise his teenage son.

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    I have a teenage son. He has several friends who are taking drugs. Even though he has promised me many times that he will never do it, to be honest, I never trust him. His 12 year old birthday will come next week. I know that he wants to get an iPhone 6 and I am going to buy it for him. However, I want to know what my son is texting and who he is calling to. Is there any way to sends me all the information data to me if he uses the iPhone 6?
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    A12 year old boy with a £600 phone.


    Can i be your son :eek:
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    I would hate to think you meant that you "never" trust him..Maybe you just know the power of peer pressure among teens and dont trust he will always be able to make the right decision. :) I found but have no experience in "My Mobile Watchdog" .. does exactly what you are looking for and app i do use locks the phone if they dont answer until she calls me back..LOVE IT!
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