[HELP] Aptio V BIOS modified to go "Black Brick"?

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday, I use method described in thread: [TUTORIAL] AMI Aptio UEFI Advanced Menu Unlock - Bonus MSR unlock! h ttp://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/54523-TUTORIAL-AMI-Aptio-UEFI-Advanced-Menu-Unlock-Bonus-MSR-unlock!, to modify one Pad's Aptio V BIOS.

    Unfortunately, in last step, I use command for FPTW but AFUWIN to flash back:
    fptw -F bios_mod.rom -BIOS

    The result is, system do NOT boot any more. Is there anyone knows that, this situation is so called "Black Brick"? I mean, it can not be recovery by any software method, except for Hardware solutions to changed BIOS's content?

    And, I am interested in the real reason. Dose anyone can confirm that, using wrong Tools is the Key for such result? If so, it means AFUWIN follows other rules to update something like verification checksum, is that the case? Any clue for it in technical?

    Any comments are welcome!
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    get ch341a usb programmer and flash it there by rename rom to bin (first make backup of chip, for serial number purposes).. with sop8 test clip with wire.
    or we find a good dump of a chip to flash.

    first try reset cmos with short under memory door somewhere. (take pics)

    EDIT: what is this hardware model ?
  3. lliu

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    Oct 21, 2010
    Hi, there, thanks for the response!

    Since, I found the slate still try to access USB at boot time, I guess it is still partial work.

    So, I willing try software method firstly. Is there any guide for it?