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    Apr 16, 2010
    Ok guys, see if you can help me out with this situation.

    I have an evga p55 ftw motherboard.

    I have Windows 7 x64 Utlimate.

    I modded the BIOS with the latest version, A72, Alienware 2.1 SLIC.

    I used the AMI Slick Mod Tool, with SSV2 as the option. Here is my hardware setup:

    Core i7 860 Socket 1156
    6GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM
    EVGA P55 FTW Mobo
    EVGA GTX260 Vid Card

    I used to have 2X EVGA 260GTX Video cards, but I sold one, and bought a EVGA GTX 460 video card (eventually I will have SLI with that also)

    Anyway, I sold my GTX 260, and I have one left. Its in the computer now.

    I went to compusa and bought a 460gtx, I came home and took out my 260 and replaced it with the 460, the BIOS beeped, and basically said video error. I though the card was DOA, so I brought it back to Compusa and returned it and got another card.

    I come home, put the new card in, and same thing. It doesnt work. This time I am upset, so I bring my entire computer to compusa and have them look at it.

    The guy tries everything, pulling all the RAM out , changing the RAM, clearing BIOS, switching between bios 1, 2, 3 - (This motherboard has 3 different BIOS, basically its a switch that you can choose to load BIOS 1, 2 or 3) I currently have only BIOS #2 modded.

    So the tech guy finally gives up, and puts the same exact gtx460 into another computer, and it works!

    So now we don't know what to do. I am thinking its the BIOS mod I did that is messing this up.

    Here is what happens: (remember, I use BIOS #2 when I modded)

    When I switch to BIOS #1 or #3 the computer does not boot.
    When I try to flash the BIOS, from a USB Thumb, with the latest AFUDOS file, booted into FreeDOS using the command "afudos /iXXXX.4M /pbnc /n" it says "Can't Analyze IIM Information"

    Because I can' boot into BIOS #1 or #3 I can't try those out. I am waiting for EVGA to approve my RMA, but I want to figure this out on my own! I don't want to wait for them to take my board back, and send me a new one.

    Could the "method" in which I modded the BIOS be an issue? On the AMI Slic Mod v1.6.1, should I have chosen "SSV, SSV2, SSV3, Dynamic" , what about the "Advanced options" should I mess with them?

    I can't even flash to the original bios because it gives me the error "Can't Analyze IIM Information"

    Please only reply if you know what is going on, I really can't brick this thing until the RMA gets approved, and I am about to send out the board. This is really frustrating because it seems nobody has ever modded this BIOS before.


    Quick Re-Cap

    My system + GTX 260 in 16x PCI-E boots fine

    My system + GTX 260 in 8x PCI-E boots fine

    My system + GTX 460 in 16x PCI-E does not boot (gives video error beeps, POST Code 85)

    My System + GTX 460 in 8x PCI-E Slot boots fine

    Any System + GTX 460 does boot, so video card is not issue


    My system + GTX 260 in 16x