[HELP]Flash bios with CH341A programmer

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    I get from ebay a USB to SPI adapter to try to flash the bios of DFI LANPARTY DK P45 2trs plus mainboard which has a bad bios after a crash while trying to update the bios. The adapter is this:


    The adapter recognized by windows as CH341A and I couldn't find any suitable software, and also cannot use Linux flashrom tool because it doesn't recognize it. I contacted with the seller and he provided me a link with drivers and the CH341AS programmer. The programmer is here:


    After some attempts I' ve managed to flash the bios without errors, but when I'm trying to boot I get a "88" error, which arccording to the manual, means:
    Ther is no "88" definition on the Award BIOS code.
    (BIOS) program executed the wrong process therefore showing the wrong post code.
    Possible cause: 1. Mixed-up BIOS data, 2. MB is defective(NB chip may be defective).

    Before the flashing via SPI the error was C1 with a series of beeps(result of bios update failure).
    The programmer has some options but I don't know if I have to change something. Also the mainboard's spi connector and adapter' s one have different names. I connect them like this:

    Adapter Mainboard
    VDD -> SPI_VCC3
    CS0 -> SPI_SC0B
    SCK -> SPI_CLK
    MIS0 -> SPI_MIS0

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    the "*" in the links is becuase I don't have permission to post links yet.