Help Installing MSDOS 6.22 to hdd

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    Hi...y'day one of our very important server running novel netware 3.12 gone dead.. Fortunately i once took backup of the hdd to another hdd.. So, now i have a exact copy of the hdd.. but i cannot make it boot :(

    What i did to get it working is started 'server.exe' in the hdd by booting from a 'bootable dos6.22 cd'.

    I cant do this everytime.. Now what i wanna get done is to auto boot from the hdd and autostart 'server.exe'..

    I tried the following but i cant get it to work..

    Please help me to get this done..


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    My DOS is pretty rusty,but at the command prompt change to C:\ (type C:\ "hit enter".At C:\ (type dir /p "hit enter".This will give you a look at the files on C:\,one page at a time.LOOK FOR AN AUTOEXEC.BAT FILE. If it's there,go back to the command prompt and enter this "type is a command"(type autoexec.bat) to see if it has "server.exe" in it.If not there,you need to edit the autoexec.bat to include it.
    Maybe this will help sort it out.
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