Help Needed - Explorer View Edit Remote Files (Hack Or Fuse Alternative?)

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Pearj, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Aug 4, 2017
    I'm new to Windows, and need help migrating my workflow.

    I see that Windows has a native SSH client which is exciting! That works to manage my servers and for editing simple config files (vi), but I do PHP and SQL development where Vi would be very inconvenient.

    For years I've used my own Linux build, where I incorporate Fuse which allows editing remote files locally. The connection is made in the file manager. The file manager shows the file structure just like you were looking at a local location. The files can be opened and edited with any editor (I use Sublime), and the remote locations can be bookmarked in the file manager for convenience.

    I'd like to have the same functionality in Windows Explorer..

    I know I could use an FTP program, or a Windows SCP program.. but those options require saving the file locally then xfering it, also, I don't want to open a standalone application. Some folks may say "why don't you want a local file" - well I do have local file backups (plus air gapped local cold storage), but it's much easier to edit dynamic files live and on-the-fly (on a dev box), results are much faster.

    There's another catch...

    I don't keep any ports open on my servers except SSH and HTTP (sql resides on same boxes). SSH uses a non-standard port. Ping is restricted to 1 per sec. I build my own highly efficient iptables whose chains are able to track and drop / ban abusive behavior, and FTP just doesn't fit in the security model I use.

    Additionally, there's no way I will ever use IIS regardless of personal workstation support (my servers will always be a red hat variant). I also don't want to dual-boot anymore. I'm going to try doing everything I need to do using Windows.

    So the solution would need to use Explorer, and not be FTP (which I'm aware Explorer can do) rather file xfer over SSH.

    I found a thing called "WinFsp" which says it's a Fuse alternative - but I can't get it to work using their directions.. It doesn't seem like it works for what I thought it was.

    ..So if Explorer can do FTP - why can't it do SFTP assuming the addition of a minor background process to make Explorer aware of the protocol?

    Is there a way to hack Explorer to allow SFTP?

    If not, is there an app you guys use; to use Explorer to view remote locations that allows local editing like Fuse?

    Thanks in advance!