Help patch thinkpad e130

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    Dec 23, 2013
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    Hi all.
    I tried patch bios for my thinkpad e130 my self but failed.
    My request is but since i see lot request, i think ppl who patch bios busy, so i want make it my self.

    I have :
    • vanilla bios .fl1
    • slic 2.1 for my laptop
    • lenovo cert
    • rw-report
    • ida 6.1
    • network card vid and pid
    • slic tool kit
    I need:
    • latest phoenix slic tool link (i search, but find only 2.14)
    • how called(UUID) section with network card lock?
    What I tried make my self:
    • chose SSV2 patch failed "Unable to add SLIC code"
    • chose dynamic, it flashed but too fast (few sec instead few min when i flash this but not modded bios) and don't look like it add SLIC, activation not work SLIC tool kit say has no slic inside firmware.
    • chose module, flashing failed with following "ERROR: 234 - SecureFlash verification fail!"
    www vanilla bios, slic, cert, rw-report.
    I use default lenovo tool for flash which got with vanilla bios. My flash command is
    WinFlash64.exe /sd /wb /v /file my_bios_SLIC.FL1
    What i doing wrong? Maybe someone give me tip or advice or how to setup phoenixtool to get valid and working patched bios.
    Also i can post some extra info if it necessary.
  2. art65536

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    Dec 23, 2013
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