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    I am working with an old rugged tablet motherboard made by Mobile On Demand (T8600).
    I have a number of these devices that have been taken out of service so I have found some unusual ways to re-use this aging fleet of machines. One such experiment was turning them into mini-Mame arcade cabinets.

    I have had a great deal of success with re-purposing these machines but now I wanted to polish off this project with a modded BIOS. To begin the orientation of the screen has been turned 90 degrees so I had to put a custom BIOS splash up to match the new orientation. With the very helpful tools and threads found on this site I have accomplished that. My problem comes shortly after POST. My newly installed splash get derailed by a small Intel Centrino mini-splash that hovers over my background image as shown here:

    splash (Medium).JPG

    I have tried to delete modules listed as RESERVED from within the BIOS but the AMI modding app says these modules cannot be deleted.
    When inspecting the two modules listed as RESERVED in a Hex editor I can see one of them has header information for INTEL and then a long string of data. Can I modify the string to make it just appear as a black or blank box? If this is the correct file how do I know where the image data begins and ends?

    Any hints to steer me in the right direction are really appreciated.
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    I kept digging and I scoured the net for a program that could hunt for images packed into random binary files.
    I came up with the program "MultiExtractor"

    multiextractor dot com

    Anyway I pushed each extracted module through this program and found the offending splash logos in Module 1E. Actually there were three different images in there.
    So the mystery of where they are is solved, for me at least.
    Unfortunately this program is in demo mode so I have to find another open source alternative.
    Or I may just erase module 1E.
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    use the slic tool for the bios and check boxes to allow modification, no slic .. mod it and reinsert.

    3 tools 1 of them is right for u.
    Phoenix, AMi or AWARD