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    I think i should post this in software/applications/projects but the forum won't allow me to do so!

    Firstly, I am a noob! Be nice, you were noobs once too!

    Years ago i remembered a recovery disk named Hirens and i know of similar items such as Gandalfs Windows etc.

    I want to make my own similar project with the following features:

    - a customizatable/graphical bootloader (I saw it in a linux forum and cant find the link)
    - Windows PE for W7
    - Windows PE for W10
    - AIO W7 installer (just like the drop downs from an AIO usb/dvd)
    - AIO W10 installer
    - AIO Office installer
    - Daz Loader (Legend!)
    - KMS etc
    - as well as some menus for "useful" tools (usual malware, av, disc recovery, drive nuke, recovery, product key finders etc).

    I am looking for somebody to give me some pointers (steps to follow if you will) in how to go about this please.

    I know how to locate Windows ISOs, ADKs etc by using MS docs, kb and download centre etc.

    Yes, i know there are plenty of other people who have made these but i really want to create my own from scratch or as close to this as possible.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated! :)
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    Jun 22, 2016

    Thanks for the reply.

    This is kind of what I am looking for. I would like to create a multi boot USB which has PEN W7, PEN W10, W7 AIO ISO, W10 AIO ISO, a few bootable live Linux ISOs and then a customization folder layout for the additional tools typically found in a recovery/utility disk. Would I need to boot into PEN in order to run the utilities environment or could these run directly from the multiboot menu? I am guessing from what i have read it would probably be booting into PEN.

    Thank you for the help! :)