[HELP] Stuck at BIOS/POST -- Intel D915PBL

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    Harddrive causing BIOS to hang

    Found out the reason why my computer was hanging at POST... it was my harddrive. But I still don't have a solution.

    As long as my harddrive connected, I cannot completely load my BIOS -- if loaded normally, it will hang at POST... if I press F1/F2/Del, it will attempt to go into BIOS Settings and hang there.

    Solved the problem... It would appear that I, oddly, had a bad format or Windows install.
    I plugged the Harddrive power in, but left the SATA unplugged and booted up Windows, then plugged the SATA cable in. When Windows booted up, I went to Computer Management and refreshed my drives which caused it to pop up. I deleted the partitions, made a new one and did a full format and that seemed to fix it.