Help - Vista Activation (Clevo m570U)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by n0va, May 22, 2009.

  1. n0va

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    May 22, 2009
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    May 21, 2007
    Post your bios mod request on Phoenix bios SLIC mod requests thread on sticky:) also you need to say what manufacturer for Slic you want i,e, dell, Hp, ASUS, e.c.t
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    Sep 2, 2008
    yes take the step of odding your BIOS and making an OEM dvd..

    Walk away fro these boot loaders. You dont know what could be happening in the background.
  4. Selexo

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    May 7, 2008
    WoW, I'm fimilar with this problem already.

    First things first, this bios already has a mod in like 820-940 page section of the original slic request page (this one isn't mine and don't know if this one ever worked). I found that out after I had already hex edited it myself because I couldn't find it in the first place (you could do it yourself but I wouldn't recommended it as HEX editing is always risky).

    second this bios already had a SLIC table called TEST and some hash prep work was in the bios also, so it just required some careful copy/paste HEX work to get it running.

    Third if your using the vista loader and your dvd drive disappears all you need to do is RE-Install vista with RAID enabled in the bios then run the activator again. EVEN if you don't have another drive to RAID with. Else grub will generate a IDE ATA BUG error on bootup and inadvertently disable the controller for the DVD-ROM drive. I know this because if you want to ever install linux on this machine you have to run the with RAID enabled in the bios to avoid the error on boot up. You have to reinstall vista again as enabling raid in the bios removes the SATA IDE cloak that is used to allow XP to install as XP never had built in support for SATA. In other words enabling RAID in the bios just shows the OS the the real SATA controller instead of the old IDE interface.

    Given this is a laptop I also flashed the bios from a floppy in case of a bad flash but that wasn't really necessary as my custom bios worked just fine. I did a compare of the bios provided in this forum and found it to increase in size. It seems that the one online just had the SLIC table added as another pci module

    if you modify it yourself you will need to keep in mind that this bios already had a TEST slic string cert hash .bin files, so just dropping in a SLIC module isn't going to work. (normally doesn't). This finished bios I SLIC didn't change in size as it was just copy and past of hex codes from a real SLIC table dump to the bios modules. I may have the files somewhere on a external drive but I will have to dig it up as it was the middle of last year when I made mine. I didn't use the on already provided because of the increase in size so I just felt that if I was going to brick my laptop that It might as well be to the fault of my own doing hehe.

    if you like your activator just enable raid and reinstall vista and you should be ok as vista will install with SATA controller drivers. if you really want to flash your bios tho just wait till I find mine or use yen's if he finishes before I get back to this.
  5. Selexo

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    May 7, 2008