help with bioses files and modding ami bios of a HP TouchSmart 600-1160

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    Sep 14, 2011
    my pc is a HP TouchSmart 600-1160fr , it is a 4 Go ram pc with a i5 430M cpu .

    the bios is an ami 4 Mo that i can open with mmtool 3.26

    i want to update the cpu , the choice is short and the maximum is the i7-820QM Processor , i would be happy to have a 840QM or even a 940XM

    after doing some search , i found a bios from sony for its VPCF13 that seems to have the microcode for the 840 and 940 , i looked at the other bios file from the VPCF22 models .

    my bios with mmtool 3.26


    the sony 1


    the sony 2


    the first question is about the fact i open the sony bios files with MMTOOL and i can not with 3.26
    can i use the microcode files despite that ?

    then in my bios , there are microcode for platform 12 and 13 , in the sony 1 : platform are 92 , 12 , 13 and 03 ; in the sony 2 only platform 12

    the sony 1 bios has all the cpu of my hp bios but some for cpu id 6e5 and 652 are having different update revision
    should i use them instead of the hp code

    last question about cpu is : how to recognize the cpu id and the name of cpu ?
    i mean i7-820QM Processor should have a cpu id in my bios , wich one ?
    for others cpu id how do i know what cpu they mean ?

    i tried to find the solution at pu-world
    here the i5-430 i5 Mobile I5-430M CP80617004161AD.html
    the 820 i7 Mobile I7-820QM BY80607002904AK.html

    but i do not find the correlation

    the tool i used to open the files are coming from this website :

    here we have the same but i also would like to update the ahci , like they write it at :

    trouble is that my bios is having some rom with 8086:282A and i did not see this one in their page . i do not speak german , may be that explain ?

    thank you in advance
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    Feb 27, 2011
    thats the intel ich8 sata controler device id believe
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    Sep 14, 2011
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    my s7025 is having a ichr10 and DEV_2822 is the value i see with the associated rom file .
    for the rest , i am a bit in a hurry to learn if i can mix cpu microcode , there is a 840 m for sale but only 2 days left on amazon to buy it

    edit : i tried to insert the code of cpu but mmtool 3.26 refuses to insert ....
    i wonder if there is a zip of the i3-i5-i7 mobile for the mmtools ?