Help with Office 365 C2R version and activation

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    So I got this 2.3 gb Pro plus C2R Img file from microsoft website. What is C2R version's main purpose? I see its easy to install by just clicking. I was unable to customize my installation. It seems to install every office app on system drive. What are the main differences between C2R and normal MSI setup? I am coming from office 2013 MSI setup and Microsoft toolkit > EZ Activator worked for its activation. How can I activate this 365?
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    Without legal Retail keys, you need to install C2R or MSI Volume edition and activate with appropriate KMS tool.

    (Or, you can convert ProductKeyChannel by simply adding relevant certificates and key.)
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    Use "Office 2013-2016 C2R Install v4.8" to customize and activate your office 2016/2013
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