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    First of all, Greetings and Salutations to all you boffins, I've had a very good look around the site and tried to follow all the guides before posting this. I am a noob to all this BIOS work so please be gentle. This is also my very first post so I do appologise if it is in the wrong place.

    Hopefully I will have managed to insert the pics.

    Basically I have used Everest to check out the BIOS under ACPI ad SLIC. Please see the pics for the results. I have also used SLIC Dump to gain the info hopefully required too.

    Mine seems to have SLIC v2 with a OEM ID of NEC, I thought it would be as easy as installing Vista Ultimate then running the command lines to instal the NEC.XRM-MS and any OEM SLP Ultimate code? This is what I've done and rebooted but windows still shows 30days left and SLIC Dump always says the following on the Advanced tab: "No OEM Certificate find !(Run as Adminstrator)" in the Pkey&Cert backup box, again as seen in the pictures.

    Any words of wisdom would be gratefully appreciated.


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