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    Oct 17, 2010
    hello everybody, just want to know if i have this correct..
    (either way, let me know :biggrin: )

    this thread;
    on mission 5, 5.1, have already installed xp on a pyhisical machine and are modding your actual, physical bios to make genuine ? or you can use mission 5.3 and use AntiWTA (antiWPA) if you dont want to mod bios ? which method would you recomend and why ?
    thanks to ameykelkar for this :biggrin:

    this thread;
    you are changing the oembios files on the CD before install, therfore no mod of your (actual) bios ??? i have done this before and installed to a virtual machine, seemed to work fine. (Although i had to change the virtual machines bios to match the install cd)
    thanks to Suicide Solution for this :biggrin:

    this thread;
    you can get OEM brans already made up, or get the untouched ones, its sort of like all done for you ??
    thanks to tcntad for this :biggrin:

    the reason i need clarification on this is because im getting my cousins old laptop and wish to install xp on it (its hp)
    and im planning to run a virtual machine (either vmware, or virtual box (most likely)) with xp running in it. (not on the laptop, but my desktop)
    I want both to be activated and genuine.

    any other tips and hints would be welcome, i think im ok....ffewww done.

    thank you
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