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    Sep 1, 2015
    Joined last week and apologies for not saying hi sooner but better late than never happy to be here and looking forward to learning and maybe even helping where I can. Also to start on a fun note below is my somewhat different experience installing Win 10. I was lucky to receive a license as a present so didn't need to upgrade from my 7 pro

    It started with DOS went up to Seven
    Everyone thought must be Microsoft heaven
    Eight came along but needed a clone
    So added point one but still wasn’t fun
    Then one day while thinking
    My taskbar starts blinking
    Promising me apps and a much better life
    So backed up my files and after much reading
    I put in the disk and started proceedings
    Updated the BIOS so it’s not outmoded
    The drivers all loaded and nothing exploded
    Then my screen said hello I had to reload
    I really don’t want my computer to talk
    It then asked me my name do I wish to be friends
    Share Facebook and Twitter and what time is dinner
    I tweaked it convinced it to do what I want
    It’s mostly silent and does what it’s told
    So now I’m connected my life is detected
    I might be injected debugged and dissected
    But I feel good I’m digitally corrected
    Could it be revolution or the final solution
    Or is it just reverse evolution
    I like Windows 10 it’s cool even funky
    But I think it was written by an alien monkey
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