Hi and I have a question :)

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    Aug 9, 2015
    First want to say Hi to everyone :clap:
    I'm an overclocker "bios fiddler" (trying to be at least) after many years building and overclockning computers.
    So when I found this forum I'm hoping to get some help

    To my question:

    I've recently bought a Dell Precision T3500 with motherboard "09KPNV" version A01 and updated to latest bios A17.
    But, I'm missing all the nice features like memory timings and CPU core multiplier settings, and all the other sweet features that Asus, MSI and so on have, but that I suspect are present but "hidden" for the general population thinking that we are noobs and shouldn't tinkle with that.

    Does anyone have an optional bios or "opened" bios with all features present and accessible for this machine

    Thank you so much in advance :worthy:

  2. bingoofsweden

    bingoofsweden MDL Novice

    Aug 9, 2015
    This is what SMBIOSViewer returns!

    #### Processor Information ####

    Table = 4
    Formatted Length = 40
    Handle = 0400H
    Socket Description = CPU
    Processor Type = 03H
    Processor Family = B3H
    Processer Manufacturer = Intel
    Voltage = 00H
    ExternalClock = 0000H
    Max Speed = 00D8H
    Current Speed = 008AH
    Status = 41H
    Processor Upgrade = 14H
    L1 CacheHandle = 0700H
    L2 CacheHandle = 0701H
    L3 CacheHandle = 0704H

    Let me know if this is a dead end or if someone's done this before.