home and pro update because of two cpu mainboard

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by grml4d, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. grml4d

    grml4d MDL Junior Member

    Sep 14, 2011
    I have a dual cpu mainboard that has a crossfire of hd5k , that is why I updated it to win 10 home using a license of win7 home..
    the problem is that win 10 home handles 250 Go of ram but only one cpu-socket :confused:

    so I would like to know if there is a patch that can break the single cpu limit....?
    or if I can use the legit way buying a home2pro update [ I read that I ll need to buy an other one at each reinstall , is it true ? :death: I wonder because price is 100 euro and full w10 pro 200..so 2 install$ .] but selecting to install nothing else than dual cpu add-on ?
    thanks in advance
  2. Mustafa Can

    Mustafa Can MDL Member

    Jul 6, 2011
    revert back to windows 7 home. Upgrade windows 7 home to Windows 7 Proffessional with an OEM key. Upgrade to windows 10 again. This time you'll upgrade to Win 10 pro.