How do I access files after reinstalling windows xp?

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    Oct 6, 2008
    I recently had to reinstall windows due to a micro av infection, not a full reinstall, so I left my music files etc, on the computer and they are still taking up space but I can't access them. when I search for mp3 files for example, nothing comes up. so it's like they are there but invisible. how do I fix this? help please!

    I am trying to retrieve my old files. they are still taking up disc space, but I can't access them. how can I fix this?

    I didn't create a new partition, the recovery disc is separate from the main one. I tried unhiding. when I click on local disc it says 3 gb free and when I click on everything inside of that folder, it only comes to 16gb, the 100gb or so that is missing is the files I can't get to. am I screwed?
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    One way is to download a XP Live boot disk to try and access the files from the old locations and move them to a different location like the Desktop folder on the new Windows account.

    Its best to backup your data to CRD-DVDR 1st, then format the drive clean, and do a fresh install. Any other way is sloppy and you get issues like this. They may still be infected data and such on that drive somewhere.

    I still dont understand why people will spend most all day fixing issues like broken app installs, lost data, etc by doing upgrade and repair installs when they could have backed the data up, reinstalled the OS with apps, and be back up 100% in half the time.
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    File access

    What do you mean by accessing files after re-installing windows? If the files which you mention located in logical drive then you easily access them after re-installing windows.
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    The files are owned by your old profile, to access them you need to take ownership of the folder they are in. Make sure simple file sharing is turned off then log in as an administrator and go to your old profile folder (C:\documents and settings\whateveryoucalledit) and right click it. Choose properties from the drop down menu - select the security tab - add your new username and give full control - click advanced - select owner tab - select your new username and click apply.

    After a bit of whirring and drive light flashing you should be able to access everything that was in your old profile.