How hard it is to add microdoce support / detection for new CPU's?

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    I mean... as owner of the MSI X58 Pro-E (MS 7522) board, I would like to see the Xeon support in bios working.

    So it is obvious, that I need help with bios microcode update to support for Xeon LGA 1366 CPU's, as least the X5650, X5670 and X5690.

    I posted a request (24.7.2015) there:
    But nothing happend... yet.

    MSI X58 Pro-E, AMI Bios 8.F -

    These Xeons work in the mainboard ( ), but they are not recognized as Xeons during post/bios. I believe this could have get better, if the bios is updatedwith the LGA 1366 Xeons microcode & support, nope?

    Alternative download links for the bios (unlocked options in AmiBCP 3.5, so pls use these links rather):!bRNgiZhQ!0OEuaJUP8_nzSrw8XvYw1PTkznUWARAxGFLnqz1wNGk

    How hard this can be? As for the source donator of the bios, then a X58 chipset board that does support these Xeons are Supermicro X8SAX:
    "Intel® Core™ i7 / i7 Extreme Edition, and Intel® Xeon® 5600/5500/3600/3500"

    So, "donator" bios is there:!GJ1DRKgS!EmrT9RcSxmt1U56L_a1vn-SSh9Iog2b5Hq2blw79VR4

    ...and I can open it in AmiBCP, but... don't know what else to do. Pls help?

    PS: for Windows 7 activation I saw a SLIC v2.1 mod for this X58 Pro-E mobo there:

    But dunno, if that help anyone. I have legit Win7, so I don't need this. On top of that, I planing to use WinXP on this mobo :D

    PS2: looks like using the MMTool v3.26 is possible to extract modules / replace modules in the bios:

    However even extracting the bios logo is fun:

    ...I still have a hard time figuring out the CPU microcode support. It is the "P6 Micro Code"? And what about the CPU PATCH tab? And how to combine the P6 Micro Codes? I mean... the microcode on the MSI X58 Pro-E is bigger that the one on the Supermicro X8SAX... So even I can replace the MSI microcode with the Supermicro microcode, then I will actually remove some CPU support as the file from Supermicro is smaller...
    Hmmm, anyone can help me there?
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    Normally this is an easy task.
    You don't need a donator bios, the cpu-microcodes are available from Intel.

    I updated/added microcode with simply copy/paste in hex-editor. The microcode is never compressed or encrypted. You can use the tool "intelmicrocodelist.exe", which can search and display intel-microcode in all(?) bioses. It shows also the offset and size (in hex-code), so it is easy to replace parts of microcode.

    You will find few microcodes. Some boards only have two codes (laptops), other more then ten - and size of some code differs, that explains the different sizes of the microcode-part in bios.