How I can Vaidate Microsoft Secutiry Essential on a Non Genuine Machine ?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by curious_apprentice, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I have a Laptop and a desktop. My Laptop came with pre-installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I have created a backup copy form that. Later I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my Desktop using that back up DVD.

    Now everything were fine until yesterday. I had working copies of Microsoft Security Essential on both machines. Today after I turned on my Machine I got a error reporting "Windows did not pass genuine Validation therefore MSE will be disabled after 30 Days. Seeing that I thought If I use ChewWGA it might solve the problem. As planned I have used that. But on the initial screen it showed it had failed to patch WGA so I used RemoveWAT but it removed the Genuine Logo too so I revert back to ChewWGA (Strangely this time it worked. At least now I can see the Genuine Logo under Computer Properties).

    Now still my MSE giving popups stating I need to resolve the issue otherwise MSE will be Disabled. I know the best will be re-install but I have installed so many soft-wares and their configuration are so Complex I dont want to have all those troubles.
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    1. What is the brand of your laptop??

    2. You have messed up the whole system!!!First use this & then use this.
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    Maybe use a restore point to go back to a time before you installed MSE? Maybe even use a System Image to restore your system to a time before MSE did its thing?

    Alas, I fear Tito is correct. If what he advises doesn't work for you then it's drive wiping and OS re-installation time.