How Moving TO Linux for Avoiding Microsoft spying *IS* Possible for MOST People.

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    Sep 14, 2013
    If and ONLY -if- they will make a small effort to get beyond their comfort zone, totally ignore the nay-saying windoze fanboz who loudly disdain that which they (usually) have no experiences of & (usually) know nothing about - and then:

    Just grab a good live bootable & well matured Linux ISO to try out.
    (Using less BW than most movies will use even if just viewed online).

    Getting that ISO onto a USB stick is then trivial - as is setting up one's PC to boot from it rather than the domineering & already installed OS.

    Does it work OK ??
    Most or all h/w (display, sound, Wifi, etc...) doing as it should ??
    (Or not ??)

    Either way, to get back to whatever was 'normal' - all one does is to reboot minus the USB stick.

    Did it look good & satisfy the needs of the user ??
    If yes, then great for you - installation of most mature distros can be done either alongside or instead of the previously dominant OS very easily.

    If no:
    Sorry - and congrats to you all the same, because you did a very brave thing in trying something new to you, different, and still in most ways that matter - quite the same, EXCEPT=>
    When it is good, Linux is VERY GOOD.

    The benefits from having Linux as one's main OS start with it simply being there & running in the background with incredible reliability - much like a good house foundation;
    Solid for years to come with no real need to poke at it.

    Is it PERFECT ?!?
    Nothing in the PC realm is & this world is only perfect in its imperfections.

    It is possible for many folks to hve a very much happier time as Linux users, as I have proven with great successes in about the last 10 years setting it up for totally non-techie folks who have been utterly delighted with it ever since.

    My personal note to add in closing this 1st entry here:
    What I love best about Linux is NEVER having to be interrupted in my work when all that I was working on suddenly vanished, replaced by the horrible & useless Microsoft -only- BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH !!)
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    Sep 14, 2013
    Just a quick shout out to Yen:
    Thanks so much for making equal ground with the related thread about moving TO Linux !!!